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How To Cake It x Nostalgia

No matter how many years pass and how busy life gets, some memories always stay with us, like the smell of Grandma’s gingerbread cookies or racing to the table for dessert. While we might not be the kids we once were, it doesn’t mean the holiday fun needs to end. This year, we’ve partnered with How To Cake It to help you bake more sweet memories for a holiday season you’ll never forget!

    How To Play Sweet Secret Santa

    We’ve joined forces with our friends at How To Cake It to put a sweet spin on the classic mystery-gift tradition to create a new holiday game that doubles as dessert. Here’s how you can play at home:

    1. Host a holiday gathering with family and friends
    2. Gift each guest a Nostalgia baking product
    3. Secretly draw each other’s names at random
    4. Playing the role of “Santa,” each guest must bake an edible gift for their recipient using their Nostalgia gift
    5. Exchange treats and take turns guessing who your mystery baker is!

    Need ideas on what to bake? Keep reading to see how some of the mastermind bakers from How To Cake It are using their Nostalgia products!

    Surprise And Delight Guests With The Ultimate Tablescape

    For a show-stopping dessert, the entire guest list is sure to remember, try How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp’s newest holiday creation! This delicious train cake is stacked with treats for guests to pick and dip into fondue. To save time, you can substitute the cake for a toy train. Although the final product looks impressive, assembling it can be quick and easy with the help of Nostalgia!

    Making Memories Starts With Nostalgia

    When it comes to holiday baking, it’s the memories you make along the way that make the finished product that much sweeter. Each Nostalgia product provides quick, easy, and fun bakes that the entire family will enjoy.