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Preserving The Past, Embracing The Present And Beyond

Nostalgia is defined as a longing for something past. Whether it’s that familiar comfort of our favorite childhood foods, a style from a bygone era, or a memory we have or wish we had, we have a unique way of looking towards an innovative future while holding on to the best parts of what came before.

Since the inaugural launch of our Vintage Hot Air Popcorn Maker, we have made our mission simple – to introduce quality family fun and entertainment into our consumers’ everyday lives.

From designs inspired by early 19th century America, to the timeless appeal of our Coca-Cola® appliances, we strive to offer quality, attention-grabbing products that surpass the typical standards of design and functionality.

So beckon your fondest memories from yesteryear, and revel in the excitement that Nostalgia holds them close. Whether it’s a buttery bowl of popcorn, that first taste of sweet, melt-in-your mouth cotton candy, or summer’s first scoop of cold and creamy ice cream, Nostalgia will forever strive to create and capture moments like these.

Today Nostalgia is much more than carnival favorites, like popcorn makers and snow cone carts. We now carry a plethora of unique and novel fun family products spanning many different categories.

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