Make entertaining effortless! Simultaneously slow cook and serve a delicious side dish, entree and dessert in each of the three ceramic cooking pots to deliver a complete meal. Each ceramic pot has its own adjustable thermostat and the clear tempered glass lids allow for easy viewing. The built in lid rest keep countertops clear and cool-touch knobs and handles make it easy to transport.



Individual Cooking Dials

Three individual cooking dials control each pot to cook, heat and serve three different dishes at the perfect temperature. Copper accents make this unit a stylish entertainment centerpiece.


The Ultimate In Convenience

Smartly designed with built-in lid rests and spoon rests, this unit makes serving hassle free and mess free.


Removable Oval Ceramic Cooking Pots

When the food runs out, each ceramic cooking pot removes to easily refill with another delicious dish and makes cleanup easy.

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