Movie night has never been this easy to make movie-style popcorn! With 0 trans fat and 0 saturated fat, this all-in-one pack tastes fantastic while offering a healthier alternative to traditional movie theater popcorn. Each pre-portioned pouch makes up to 16 cups per batch, and can be used with any 4-ounce or larger Nostalgia kettle-style or stirring popcorn maker.

 Best Tasting

Guaranteed to taste and smell just like popcorn at the movie theater, carnivals, baseball games, and more!

24 Packs Per Case

Includes 24 (4 oz.) individually-portioned packs of oil, popcorn and seasoning salt that are sealed for freshness - no measuring or mess required

16 Cups Per Batch

Each 4 oz. packet pops up to 16 cups of hot and buttery popcorn per batch

Easy Storage

Store ingredient pouches in one easy-to-grab location for perfectly portioned batches of popcorn every time

Quality Ingredients

Contains all-natural soft shell popcorn kernels, soybean oil and seasoning salt to create a delicious movie time experience

Healthier Choice

 Contains GMOs, diacetyl, gluten, trans fat, saturated fat or cholesterol

Nostalgia Popcorn Makers

Perfect for use with any 4 oz. or larger Nostalgia kettle-style or stirring popcorn maker!

Made In USA

 Proudly grown and packaged in the USA


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